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About Us

We’ve been “playing in the dirt” since 1972. We’re still the same company, under the same ownership, bringing our same local personalized service to the contractor. We specialize ONLY in trench shoring.

We are not and have never been a part of any large faceless conglomerate of consolidated rental companies. We don’t rent backhoes, generators, mops, pumps, or party tents. Many of our competitors have been bought, sold, traded, dissolved, or swallowed whole. Many of them have tried to recreate themselves in our image to fool the customer.
We still remain the only, the “Original” Trench Shoring Services.

Trench Shoring Services offers over 40 different sizes and strength ratings of trench shields in our standard rental inventories, located in Regional Distribution Centers throughout the United States.

Our current rental inventory includes thousands of individual trench boxes available as a nationwide rental fleet. In addition to Steel Trench Boxes, our inventory includes Aluminum Shields, H Beams, Road Plates, Shoring Plates, Bridge Panels, Manhole Options, Pipe Plugs, and Much More!

•Four-sided Assemblies are always available from standard inventory.
•Ask about our FREE Competent Person Training Program!

Call 1-800 SHORING for the “Original” Trench Shoring Services facility nearest you.