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Road Plates


In any photo there will always be something that might reduce the level of compliance under the most strict application of the OSHA standard. The Shoring Solution Library is meant to be a resource guide of possibilities which can lead you closer to compliance. Some critics have suggested that we post ONLY perfect photos. Perfect jobsite photos are rare. Our philosophy is that the GREATER GOOD is served by sharing our Shoring Solution Library (however imperfect) showing application technology in the "real world". As the Contractor or Competent Person, it is up to you to make the job as compliant as possible. If you don't know how, we offer monthly FREE CPT Excavation Safety classes in each of our facilities.

Application Photos

Road Plate Specs

All plates are 1" thick, A-36 steel

Width Length Description Weight Model #
5' 7 5' x 7' Road Plate 1540 57-1TP
5' 8 5' x 8' Road Plate 1760 58-1TP
5' 10 5' x 10' Road Plate 2200 510-1TP
5' 12 5' x 12' Road Plate 2600 512-1TP
n/a' n/a Trench Plate Lifting Eye n/a H-010

Not Your Ordinary Road Plate - Load Rated - Gaps - Cantilevers - Open Excavations

Can be used as temporary roadways, steel crossing plates, ground mats, trench covering plates and temporary roadways.